Tent Rentals - Baltimore MD

Tent Rentals, Baltimore MD

McManus Amusements is a full service tent rental company that specializes in frame tents. We service Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. As an Amusement company we offer more than the typical tent rental company. We offer benefits such as long term rentals and specialized amenities for food service/sales. Our Tent expertise can be used at carnivals, corporate events, residential parties and small weddings! If you have any questions about tents or event planning please do not hesitate to call us anytime.


  • Tent Sides
  • LED Lighting available upon request for additional fee (cost depends on size of tent)
  • Tables (60” round)
  • Rain Gutters (to combine multiple tents into one)
  • White Chairs
  • Bar Height/Food Service Tables (10’ long)

Tent Inventory

Size 10X10 FT
Space Needed 14X14 FT
Capacity 8 people
Colors White, Red/White, Red/White/Green
Size 10X20 FT
Space Needed 14X24 FT
Capacity 18 people
Colors Red/White
Size 12X12 FT
Space Needed 16X16 FT
Capacity 12 people
Colors White, Red/White, Red/White/Green
Size 15X15 FT
Space Needed 19X19 FT
Capacity 18 people
Colors Red/White
Size 20X20 FT
Space Needed 24X24 FT
Capacity 24 people
Colors White, Red/White, White/Red/Green, Purple/Pink
Size 20X30 FT
Space Needed 24X34 FT
Capacity 32 people
Colors White
Size 20X40 FT
Space Needed 24X44 FT
Capacity 48 people
Colors White
Size 30X30 FT
Space Needed 34X34 FT
Capacity 60 people
Colors White
Size 30X45 FT
Space Needed 34X49 FT
Capacity 120 people
Colors White

Call or email us at anytime to get an estimate!